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Stained Glass Products

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Stained Glass Classic Clock, Tiffany technique

           Classic style 

          Desk and Wall Clocks
          Mantle Clock             
          Traditional Clocks
          Interior Clock            
          Pendulum Clock             
          Quartz Clocks 
          Mechanical Clocks
          Antique Clock Style
          Exclusive Gifts            
          Custom Clock
          Bespoke Clocks



Stained Glass Design Clock, Tiffany technique


         Creative Solutions 
         Gift Clocks             
         Beach Clocks           
         Interior Clocks             
         Stained Glass Clock            
rt Clocks             
         Decorative Clock            
         Unusual Clocks            
         Hobby Clocks
         Glass Clocks
         Wedding Gifts   

Stained Glass Hourglass, Tiffany technique

         Clocks on Request
         Time Symbol   
         Clock souvenirs            
         Unique Sandglass
         Gift Clocks 
         Original Hourglass 

         Stained Glass Sandglass




Tea Light Candle Holders

            Candle Holders

          Modern Style
          Universal Gift

          Bespoke Candle Holder
          Romantic atmosphere
          Author's works
  A variety of forms
          Pendant candleholders

            Custom Candle Holder
Creative Gift Idea
          Glass Art
          Home Accent

            Candle Decoration



Classic clocks. Using stained glass in the clockmaking we create really unusual clocks for interior: wall and table, with mechanical and quartz movement, console and mantel, with the pendulum and chimes.
Each clock is handcrafted by Tiffany technology and has own unique design. Models which made of transparent or translucent colored glass may be equipped, with LED illumination optionally. Clocks can be made in different colors and sizes.

Design. Gifts ideas and unusual clocks. Glass perfect material for new forms and solutions. It can be colored and transparent, matte and shiny, smooth and textured. Applying such techniques as fusing, matting and Tiffany, we offer various options of glass - interior decoration, wall panels gifts and souvenirs.

Hourglass collection includes designed models, which are handmade from glass in different techniques: Tiffany , fusing and sandblasting. Running time from 5 minutes up to 1 hour. But time measurement is not the main in our models. You can easy remove sand in hourglass and fill by yourself on another one, for example from favourite beach, or seabed. You get great Souvenir! Each model can be made in different glass and in any size upon request.

Candle Holders. Colored glass candle holders transform candle flame in magic and create a romantic atmosphere and comfort. The process of preparing, creating palette of colour glass, fusing and flaming make each product unique. Most of the master works are Author’s works.